Friday, November 03, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy – Let the Angel’s Commit

Was that Embeth Davidtz as McDreamy’s sister? (Is Alessandro Nivola far behind? (both were in two favorites, Junebug and Mansfield Park).

Bailey questions her abilities after the Denny debacle, while Christina continues to cover for Burke in the surgery room. This causes Christina to block out Bailey from assisting Burke except Bailey thinks Burke did it, but in the end, Bailey catches Christina changing the board. OHHHH Christina is dead MEAT next week.

McDreamy’s sister shows up to check up on Derek and report back to the family back home. She still has a good relationship with Addison and Mark, and wonders who this interloper slut is that broke up the marriage.

Meridith is meanwhile left in charge of Izzie on her first day back. Izzie is basically forbidden to do anything, including speak to patients, ordered by Bailey. Izzie however sees a patients’ inconsistencies in her story and speaks out, saving the day in the end and getting kudos from Webber.

George keeps chasing after Callie to no avail. Callie disses Mark for being dirty dirty but no more. Mer and George reconnect to become each others BFF to replace Izzie and Christina. Mark and Mer have a moment as he moves on, and Alex is booted by Mark for being interested in Addison's double uterus' case.

Now, this is the first ep since the full fallout (and confirmation of the big McFight and McOuting) but luckily Grey’s Anatomy just pulls you back in and you (mostly) forget about it all (they are, after all, ACTORS). Still, just kinda makes George all the more loveable.

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