Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Canada Day

Slap Bet

Seriously, I already saw the video online but seeing it within the context of the show was the funniest shit EVER. I even snort laughed cause I was laughing so loud. I'm sure if someone were around at the time they would have thought I was crazy.

So, for those of you who miss the show (and you really shouldn't be at this point as this has become the next best comedy next to The Office), Robin who hails from Canada (on the show and in real life), never talks about her past to the gang and also refuses to go to the mall. Marshall and Barney have a Slap Bet (also the funniest thing EVER) going as to what Robin's secret past is (Marshall thinks she's married, Barney thinks its porn, and winner gets to slap the loser).

They are both wrong as Barney eventually gets a video clip of this:

Let's Go To The Mall!!

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Robin... was a Canadian teenage Pop Star... hmm... kinda like Alanis "Too Hot" Morisette.

Seriously, that was the funniest episode of an already great season. TV Gal mentioned though that she felt that the show has funnier parts than the whole, which may be partially true, but when there are so many funny parts that squeeze to fill the whole, does it really matter?


Liz said...

Yeah, that episode was HILARIOUS. Like everyone else, I already knew the surprise, which I think made it all the funnier when Robin was like, "I wish it were porn."

vance said...

Oh totally. I mean, I was already choking from laughing at all the Slap Bet stuff so I figured since I saw the Robin Sparkles stuff already, it wouldn't be as funny but somehow it was even FUNNIER within the show. Man I hope more people catch onto this show. Totally deserves it.

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