Monday, November 13, 2006

Lost on Lost and some Others

Still behind in TONS of shows (so will need some weekend to catch up on Heroes, Boston Legal, ER, Men In Trees, The OC amongst others), but finally saw Lost Fall Finale, I DO. Don't really have a comment other than... WHAT HAPPENED???

I think I'm going to have to watch it again (and I'll have time since the next freaking episode isn't until February 2007) but why isn't Kate RUNNING like JACK is yelling at her to do???

Okay. So The Others Fionnula Flanagan just signed on. I wonder if shes going to be one of the Others?

In other rants, I'm actually quite sad Justice is kinda gone (the Fox website says it will be back Dec 11 but you never know with these things). I was just about to comment about how great last weeks episode was when Matt Letscher (Burton from The New Adventures of Old Christine) and Mackenzie Aston (Lost, The Facts of Life) had to defend themselves.

Also, is the rumour about Brad and JP from Survivor: Cook Islands true? That's kinda hot. Though I haven't had time to watch or even tape it since The Office and Ugly Betty have had priority but maybe I'll catch up online since they are streaming it on both CBS and Global TV's website.

I think I may be dropping What About Brian since I haven't really watched since this season's premiere (and it wasn't that good) but how in the heck did THAT get picked up for a full season while Veronica Mars is still waiting? Plus, did I hear that Marjorie (Sarah Lancaster) left anyways? Wasn't she the only reason to watch?

Also, Marty is finally back on Gilmore Girls this week! Woo and a hoo!!! I love Marty and I thought the actor Wayne Wilcox basically had the best moments of the Rent movie.

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