Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Lost - Why You Should Not Drink and Drive

The Cost of Living

Eko's past haunts him as he deliriously sees his brother and some of his past atrocities. Jack is let out of his cell to view the funeral of Colleen, the woman Sun had shot on the boat. Ben questions Juliet about telling Jack about the X-rays that informed Jack of Ben's cancer, but Juliet informs him that it she didn't reveal it was his, and that he must have. So Ben doesn't have complete control of thing. Hmm...

Rodrigo Santoro (above) has more than a line... please bring on more. Rodrigo Santoro (of Love Actually, the Channel No 5 ads with Nicole Kidman, and is a superstar in Brazil for good reason) plays another survivor of the original crash, one we just never heard speak before (or seen really). Paulo seems to be in a relationship with Nikki played by another newcomer Kiele Sanchez.

Oh yeah, and the black smoke is back and seems to be haunting Eko.
The spinal tumor Ben has was discovered two days before Oceanic 815 fell from the sky, and all this of getting Jack was to convince him to want him to operate on him.
Locke goes to search for Eko and brings along a crew that includes Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo, and when they find Eko, they search for the plane with the Mary dolls of drugs but more importantly, Eko's dead brother. Except they find it but he's gone.

Back in Africa, Eko is supposed to go to London at the end of the week. We find out later that those haunting Eko, were actually drug lords that were trying to control Eko as a priest, before Eko lashes out with a machete and kills them all.

Locke and crew find The Pearl station, and the cameras that were watching it. OMG and here comes the creep me out shivers through my whole body moment of the episode (and why I still think Lost is brilliant because it can continuously frustrate me, fascinate me but it ALWAYS has at least ONE moment in each episode where I shiver completely). They view one of the monitors with computers in the background, before a creepy looking one-eyed man looks back and turns the camera off.

OMG Juliet is on Jack's side as we have another scene where a monitor plays an important part. Juliet speaks of Ben highly but through a monitor, it shows Juliet with cue cards warning of the dangers of Ben (Michael Emerson, below)

OH MY GOD THE BLACK SMOKE IS BACK... and grabbing Eko like a rag doll tossing him about like King Kong's arm...

and Eko tells Locke something. Locke says that he said that "We're Next".


Guess the DUI theory continues. Cast members of LOST: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.
First Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, now Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Added from innocents Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace, the casualties are adding up.

For a second I thought it was going to be different since I knew they will have future episodes where they film in "London", or at least what they can make look like London in Hawaii.

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