Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Veronica Mars - Radio Daze

Of Vice and Men

Veronica, more cynical than usual, is angry at dad Keith for having his affair with married Harmony. Veronica is also disappointed by her man Logan, who is witholding his alibi with Mercer during the times of the rapes. Finally, Prof. Landry offers a summer FBI position to her, which she feels is hush money for his extra-marital affairs with the Deans wife.

Meanwhile, Amanda Walsh plays dumb (which I would think is not that hard but was mightily impressed with this former Much Music VJ on her partial improved stint on Sons & Daughters) and is a visitor in search of her boyfriend Sully. After a bit of a search, Veronica assumes Sully was running away, but the search takes them back to the Fitzpatricks bar where Vinnie saves the day. Sully (who was that?) ends up in the slammer from a forgetful drunken night and alas, the reunion is warm and Veronica is momentarily charmed.

We find out Logan was in Mexico with Mercer and keeping it a secret because Mercer caused a fire that they ran away from, without saving anybody's lives.

Wallace and Mac are still missing as is Parker and Eli, but Piz is around to help Veronica figure out that Mercer is innocent based on his radio show schedule.

Keith rejects Harmony once again after being blackmailed by Vinnie, and finally, STOOPID STOOPID Veronica leaves her drink momentarily unguarded at the school food court by the radio station and is drugged, but alas, here comes buff Logan to save the day, and just in the knick of time since a few streaks of Veronica's hair were clipped. Now, do we think Veronica is too smart to leave her drink unattended or do we just overestimate her and forget she's really just an 18 year old girl?

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Avster said...

Thanks for reminding me where I knew Amanda Walsh from (besides MM which I understand as a fellow Canadian). I loved Sons & Daughters.
I liked this episode a lot, maybe the best of the season, but am I the only one who thinks they're making Veronica less and less likable every week even if it is somewhat consistent with her character? I think and hope it's intentional given how noticable it is.

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