Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Office & How I Met Your Mother - Cutest Couples Competition

The Office - Branch Closing
How I Met Your Mother - Atlantic City

Scranton offices are announced to be closing by Jan, and Michael takes it hard while Ryan, Stanley and Pam are secretly happy about the news, until a reversal of fortune forces Jan to close down Stanford instead, amalgamating the two offices in Scranton. Will Jim get to keep his job and move back, and forced to work alongside Pam again? Will Karen follow? Of course they will, this is TV! Will Jim and Pam end up together? Will Karen get her way and land Jim? Will Roy seduce Pam again? Meanwhile Ryan and Kelly are back together again since the job situation no longer forces them to be apart. Ryan is thrilled. Poor Ryan.

Meanwhile, with Lily and Marshall back together, they decide to skip the fear of facing the relatives Marshall had been forced to tell of their first wedding cancellation. So off the group goes to Atlantic City to elope! Except this isn't Las Vegas and it isn't Nevada, so the happy couple must wait 3 days before they are allowed to marry, forcing Lily to search for a captain to marry off in international waters. After Robin changes into a bikini'd cartoon print T-shirt (seriously, I don't even care about Robin and I kept staring at that shirt), and Swarley/Barney launches back into his old gambling addict ways, and winning the $5k needed to pay the captain they found in a most hilarious game of every possible gambling game combined into one match, they go off the shores of Atlantic City.

Only, Lily and Marshall decide not to go through with it and to face the relatives with a big lavish wedding, only after the captain accidentally pronounces them married for a few seconds.

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