Thursday, November 02, 2006

Premieres Tonight - The OC - Thu. Nov 2nd

Welcome back to The OC, Bitch! Tonight at 7pm on CTV and 9pm on FOX (yes, against Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural, CSI, and soon to be joined by Scrubs. I think I need to buy a wall of TV's).

Okay, so since Oliver, there has always been things of suckiness to the show (the gardener, the lesbo, Sandy and Kirsten's rocky marriage, Mischa Barton).

However since they got rid of all the above listed problems, with a solid marriage between our favorite parental couple, the gardener and lesbo plots long gone, and Oliver never to be seen this side of a horror B-movie, I'm going to give The OC yet another chance, if only for Seth and Summer. Julie Cooper Nichols Cooper (have I forgotten anyone?) doesn't hurt either or the Melinda Clarke who plays her.

Of course this year there is a further enticement in the form of Chris Pratt who played Bright on my ever loved Everwood, is now signed on for The OC for 9 episodes now (it was extended from 6) as Ché, a hippie dude at Brown who gets Summer all granola'd.

Plus with Marissa's death, Ryan Atwood (Ben Mackenzie) goes all fight club on us.

You can also see the show on Broadband at CTV.ca

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