Thursday, November 30, 2006

Scrubs Premieres Tonight

Scrubs is finally back and everyone is pregnant! Well, 3 of the ladies are at least, from where we last left off, though with this show, it wouldn't be such a stretch if one of the men were pregnant too!

One of the best comedies PERIOD. Too bad it's up against Grey's Anatomy and CSI, so I hope it'll survive the ratings juggernaut. In Canada, since CTV still owns the rights to it (AND already shows Grey's AND CSI AND The OC back to back on Thursdays... hmm... 4 shows out of the 5 American Networks 9pm Thursday Timeslots? Wow), CTV will bury Scrubs at 5pm on Sundays. (Yes. 5pm)

It Premieres Tonight on NBC at 9pm.


Colin said...

I saw somewhere that SunTV has the rights in Canada. But I could be wrong and I will see for myself...

*15 seconds later*

Never mind. I checked zap2it. It's on Sunday at 5:00 local followed by 30 Rock and CTV local news. SunTV must have the syndication rights.

vance said...

Actually, I heard that somewhere too and even up to yesterday, had it listed under Sun TV but I double checked and lo and behold, Scrubs is on the CTV website TV listings and only the syndicate to be found on Sun's website.

CTV is just being a bit too much of a hog now though considering they burried Veronica Mars, Scrubs and West Wing last year too.

Liz said...

5 on Sunday? That's not even a real timeslot! That's, like, where they air golf and crappy movies! LAME.

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