Friday, November 17, 2006

Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy - Turkeys

Ugly Betty - Four Thanksgivings and a Funeral
Grey's Anatomy - Staring at the Sun

Okay, last week I thought both shows had tepid episodes. This week our beloved ABC Thursday lineup was back up to snuff.

Hilarity ensued on Ugly Betty as Amanda and Marc have their own Thanksgiving (1) at the office, discovering Wilhelmina's secret contact, Wilhelmina tries to cook a turkey (with Martha Stewart's literally phoned in performance) for a visiting Nico (who was really in NY to see a concert) (Thanksgiving 2). The Meade's have their annual Thanksgiving (3) company party for the editors, where newly sober (maybe, probably, maybe not) Mrs. Meade (Angela Bower... er, I mean Judith Light) makes her first appearance after rehab, and Daniel becomes a little boy wanting his Sofia, who has a boyfriend named Hunter, ending up in a sort of dance-off between the two men after Sofia's heart.

At the Suarez' (Thanksgiving 4), Betty hears of bad rumours from Gina about lawyer Leah (Entourage's Debi Mazar) but Hilda refuses to listen, wanting to save the day. Everyone else takes over the responsibilities of making Thanksgiving dinner as Betty is swamped at work, but Betty is offended, while Hilda thinks no one thinks she can do it. Santos shows up for dinner, but invited guest Leah doesn't, after taking their money, and Hilda realizes that they were conned. Oh yeah, and Justin has Jazz hands!

Finally, Bradford Meade realises his trusty agent is actually working for Fey Summers and has him dealt with (Funeral).

On the other side of the country at Seattle Grace, George's Dad is admitted and Callie tries to help out, but George pushes her away. George requests Christina and Burke's help but sees something wrong in Christina's eyes and Christina knows he knows Burke's problems.

Derek, still gloating from getting back together with Meredith, unites with Addison to help a depressed Weber, or at least attempts to, while Weber realizes he must stop visiting Meredith's mom if he wants to save his marriage.

Izzie is to shadow Alex, who is still slave to Mark Sloan's demands, but Alex gives Izzie a chance to actually do something again, and kisses her in a mistaken sign of affection.

So the laughter and the tears are back on both shows. Though I was trying to see if I could pinpoint which scene exactly had the huge outburst from Isaiah Washington that essentially outed T.R. Knight (who was excellent again in this episode).

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