Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Veronica Mars - Big Love Ends and the Two Stooges

Spit and Eggs

The mystery is solved and we finally found Mac!!! (Tina Majorino was doing double duty on Big Love) Plus Piz, Parker, Eli, Dick AND Wallace all in one episode! You'd think they were part of the Veronica Mars opening credits cast.

After last weeks realization that the relationship was doomed due to each person's inate nature, Logan dumps Veronica which hurts her more than she lets on.

Dean O'Dell hires Keith to track down Cyrus' wife philandering ways, which at first Keith believes she's innocent, until Veronica informs him of her affair with Prof. Landry. Keith is required to tell Cyrus, who then crashes the party for two at the Grand hotel.

The Dean also reinstates the Greeks after a former alum/mob boss? presures him to do so.

Ah, the Greeks. So Dick, Chip and co. throw another party and Veronica, Mac, Wallace and Piz (how funny was he this week?) go along to try to find the Hearst Rapist. Veronica bumps into Logan and Mercer, while Moe and Nosering girl (what IS her name still? I keep missing it) are there to rescue drunken girls.

Now, the episode started amazingly with a bruised and bloody Veronica running for help in the dorm but when the final reveal of the Hearst Rapist showed already accused-and-acquited Mercer, I was like, huh? Moe was his partner, and it all sort of made sense (although, wasn't Mercer's radio show that cleared his name a live call-in show?) but why did they do it? Did I miss something? Since Logan was friends with Mercer, is there anything in that?

Though when Logan found out, he certainly will be getting some vengeance by getting himself into jail along with Mercer and Moe. Um, so all that time with the rapings and thats it still though? Mercer and Moe? A demented spoiled radio DJ and his bumbling lacky?

What was quite exciting was the set up for the next big mystery as the show closes on Eli discovering a newly shot Dean Cyrus O'Dell. He angered the Lilith House by reinstating the Greeks. He knew of his wife's philandering ways, and with the professor that teaches how to create the perfect crime, no less. Plus I'm sure he has a few more enemies around Neptune. So let's get a move on to the next mystery, especially now that Mac is back!


Scooter McGavin said...

You apparently did miss something like Mercer's very long speech explaining why he did it, he wanted to skip the annoying small talk and get straight to the sex.

As for Moe, with the hair in his closet I'm going with the assumtion he made a deal with Mercer that he would give him the keys as long as he shaves the girl's hair and gives it to him afterwards to fulfill his fetish.

As for Mercer's "live call in show" when it came on at the party you could hear the sound distort which revealed that it was taped.

vance said...

Oh no, I did actually catch Mercer's Speech. I just didn't buy it. Seemed like the lamest excuse to rape women EVER (not that any are not lame to begin with). I could understand Moe being the prisoner and helping Mercer so that he himself could fulfil his fetish but I still don't know why Mercer really would go to all that trouble to begin with.

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