Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Veronica Mars - Hi, Infidelity!

Veronica turns in an A paper but then is accused of plagiarizing after being courted by criminology Prof. Landry (Patrick Fabian who I still remember from Saved By the Bell: The College Years as Prof. Lasky). Veronica is on her case to save her butt, while Wallace owns up to his cheating but decides to stick with the big old Zero and continue with his dream, Mechanical Engineering, at a loss to his basketball playing days.

Veronica and Dean O'Dell have some strange relationship where he seems to trust everything she says, and kicks Claire out of Hearst College accusing her of fabricating the rape. TA Tim Foyle (with the worst wig EVER) also notes the lack of DNA evidence on the rapes, as Veronica eventually tracks down her culprit to a possible disgruntled TA who leads Veronica to a philandering Dr. Landry (with Dean O'Dell's wife no less).

Pizz invites Veronica to bowling as a group, only thing is, the only group to show up is Veronica's Logan and Parker, but Parker ends up having fun and ends up with a crush on Pizz, who has no interest in her. Parker recognizes Mercer Hayes' cologne from the rape, and off goes Veronica snooping at his dorm room where she finds a razor and reports it to Sherriff Lamb. Lamb found the cashbox from last week's Casino night burglary where GHB was found along with the money and Mercer Hayes is arrested, but Logan knows he didn't do it because they were together on the night of one of the rapes.

Oh yeah, and Harmony is back and wants some Keith Mars lovin', who rejects her until a sudden car crash prompts him to go all November Sweeps on us and out of character and madly rushes back to Harmony at the Neptune Grande for a lustful night. Not sure I bought any of that, but it was still nice to see Laura San Giacomo (I've loved her ever since "Cinderfucken-rella") back with her old-costar Enrico Collantoni after I thought it was just a one episode stint.

Meanwhile, Mac must still be in Big Love country.

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