Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Veronica Mars - President Evil

Was the President evil?

He's kinda creepy and I guess kidnapping someone and forcing them into surgery to steal a body part to save that person's son is not the nicest thing to do but come on, it's Richard Greico, we haven't missed him before and no one will miss him yet. Plus, can anybody really take Ed Begley Jr. after seeing him with no eyebrows on Arrested Development?

Meanwhile, Wallace is struggling in his Mechanical Engineering classes, buys a cheat sheet (or as we all call those things: "Study Guides"), and is flagged down to see the professor.

Veronica gets her necklace (given by Lily) stolen at a campus rez illegal casino stickup, and she thinks it's Weevil, as does Sheriff Lamb, but alas our Veronica proves Lamb (and herself) wrong and Weevil is vindicated (yey!).

We also find out that Claire, the last girl that got raped (though she looks NOTHING like the picture... is it the same actress? Does hair really have that much an affect on the judgement of someones looks? And does all shaved heads look like that?), is actually girlfriends to the Asian man in the ATM photo even though she had just denied any knowledge of that man. End episode. ARGH...

Still no signs of Mac or Piz.


Erik said...

I freezeframed on the picture and it IS the same actress...hair really does affect how we see people. She looks totally different.

vance said...

haha, kinda reminds me of how Borat, Bruno, and Ali G look SO different than Sacha Baron Cohen. Hmm... so it was the same actress... of course whats with the no bf thing? Is it me or does someone else think the rapist could also be a girl? creepy...

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