Wednesday, November 15, 2006

William Shatner Tops Himself

Who would have thought there could be a show on TV more absurd than Boston Legal?

Of course to be THAT absurd, The Shat had to also take part in the new game show Show Me The Money, which if you tuned into ABC at 10pm last night, you might have mistaken for another episode of Boston Legal.

A mix of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire, Dancing with the Stars and Deal, or No Deal, I have to hand it to Shatner who was not even the most insane part of the show. I'm not sure if it was the Shat directing the model girls to start dancing at every commercial break or the scrolls, or the contestants on last night seem to over-exagerate every emotion as if they were trying to pull through the botox lining, but Show Me The Money makes for one weird viewing. I'm guessing it should probably be watched like The Teletubbies; high as a kite. Cool Set though. I like the twinkly lights...

Of course, I did go to McGill University where the student union building was entitled (unofficially) The William Shatner Building (or "Shatner" for short) so I'm not sure who has the last laugh at this point. (William Shatner went to McGill for a while but dropped out before he could finish, apparently). Man, I hope my degree is still valid after this.


Liz said...

Dang, that sounds like so much fun! I knew I should've watched The Shat instead of that stupid House rip-off.

vance said...

How was the house ripoff anyways? i read a few reviews and decided not to bother. I like Stanley Tucci but not enough to watch everyweek. (plus he's usually better at playing slimy characters, not the leads).

Liz said...

To put it nicely, there's puh-LENTY of room for improvement. Perhaps the writers didn't give Tucci enough to work with, but it was pretty darn generic.

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