Friday, February 23, 2007

The OC - The End

The End's Not Near, It's Here

The Finale.

It's really over. It's Really Really The End for The OC.

I don't know what to say, cause I'm actually saddened by this. Though I guess I'm okay with the wrap up they did at the end (though the roundabout way with Bullet and Frank and Julie seemed a little filler to me). Still, I was glad they came all around back to Ryan as the central focus and that he succeeded as an architect like they had hinted back in season 2. Except for the fact that I'm working on something similar and would LOVE to see someone like Ben McKenzie in the title role...

Still, while sappy, I enjoyed seeing Seth and Summer part ways as they should of, but still see them get married as they flashed forward 6 years. They got to have their (wedding) cake and eat it too. Splitting up and being somewhat realistic about the situation and still getting the Hollywood happening ending we all secretly want (I mean, we DO watch The OC, what are we expecting? Pulitzer Prize winning depth?)

Plus Julie getting her degree, Bullet still being apart of their life, Frank too... ah, it all works out perfectly doesn't it? But I'll forgive them for it. It is the finale and we deserved it don't we.

Now, when does the spinoff The Berkeley start with The Cohens and Ryan?

Anyways, I really do hope I see the actors in a new project. Melinda Clarke is already signed onto a new pilot (The Man I believe). As I've said before, the other actors all deserve to too.

I wish I could go rewatch the first season again now, except for the fact that that bitch Mischa Barton essentially took off with my copy of my Season 1 DVD's. Seriously, they don't pay her enough already that she had to take MY copy? And you wonder why I hate her (and seems like most other fans of The OC did too, and again, if this excellent 4th season just proved, The OC WAS in fact better without her in quality, just not in free tabloid publicity).

Alas, The OC started with a bang, and ended in a nice sentimental mush (but totally deserved), with a strong first 3/4 season and a great 4th season (but we will try to forget Oliver and Pool Boy and Lesbian affair and Kirsten drunk and Sandy's philandering affair) and remember Seth's nerdy appeal that Summer fell in love with, The Music, the parties that always ended in Ryan punching someone out, Julie Cooper Nichol Cooper Roberts Bullet and Sandy and Kirsten Cohen (during the good years) as the parents we most loved (now passed onto The Taylors on Friday Night Lights, seriously people. Start watching. TRUST ME).

So so long The OC, you made Mischa Barton a fixture in the tabs, you spawned Laguna Beach and all the hell its wrought, but you also made the cool emo soundtrack come back to TV and made nerd (well, TV nerd at least) cool again and gave Peter Gallagher a good job for a while. You brought us Autumn Reeser, Ben McKenzie, Willa Holland, Rachel Bilson and made Adam Brody, Melinda Clarke and Kelly Rowan more (deservedly) famous.

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