Monday, March 12, 2007

Cold Case - Dancer in the Dark

Shuffle, Ball Change

So I mistakenly taped Cold Case again but watched it, and yet again, it was another case that was basically very pro-queer, which is sort of unexpected and nice to see from a Bruckheimer procedural. The last time I watched Cold Case, it was a pretty beautiful episode about 2 male cop lovers Brokeback style. This time, it followed a young murdered teen who so wanted to dance, while the gruff father disapproved. (Yes, I know. It's also called Billy Elliot but it never gets old). While they never state that Maurice (Nathan Halliday), the young murdered teen, is gay, they allude to it nicely, enough that it could be a motive for his killing, but with the "there's nothing wrong with it" tone that surprisingly, still doesn't exist on some shows (particularly cop shows).

Still, there was some nice twists and turns (though the hot and bothered Latino dancing rival was a bit much) and though the murdered came back full circle to my initial suspicions, it was actually a pretty heartbreaking and wonderful little episode. I don't think I give this show enough credit sometimes. Plus they employed a Swayze (Don) and a Vanessa Williams (the non-singer, in the original Melrose Place) AND I didn't even really laugh about (almost).


Anonymous said...

Actually, they confirmed his "straight" status towards the end of the episode. The character played by Vanessa Williams admitted to having a relationship with him after Dr. Leroy sees them together dancing/making out in the grocery store. Dr. Leroy says, "See? We're not all light in our jazz shoes." I think, as a female viewer, I really wanted him not to be gay because he was so cute. I watch a little too much TV, I admit. I do agree, though, I appreciate Cold Case's pro-gay attitude.

vance said...

hmm... I still thought she was covering for him.
Guess I read that wrong...
Blinded again by my wishes!

Anonymous said...

We got to see that episode here last night, and I only watched by accident. Now I wouldn't have missed it for the world, and want to find it on DVD, just for the dance scenes. That last scene before the credits (with my favourite song ever) just blew me away. Brilliant!

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