Friday, April 27, 2007

Henry (Don't) Get Your Gun

So apparently I was right. Jonathan Groff's character Henry IS the psycho that will take the high school kids hostage as they try to do their high school musical. Except that now they will have to re-film (I just couldn't use the word "shoot" there) those One Life To Live scenes without a gun. Oh no! My Melchior is going bad! At least that can now legitimately explain some of Groff's big eyed stares when he wasn't actually speaking (so far, his acting is good when he speaks, not so much when the camera isn't focussed on him). Damnit, I was hoping the "Henry is not what he seems" would be him jumping on the lead jock who is somewhat forced into doing the musical. That's a whole other soap isn't it?

By the way, the lead star girl's name is Starr? Are they for real?

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