Thursday, March 27, 2008

2 Minutes To Save The World Soul

I know everyone has already posted this (or talked about it) but it was the best 2 minutes (although actually 2 min. and 28 seconds) that I need to re-live because it just makes me smile, which I so need this week month year several years lifetime.

Plus if you weren't convinced the first time, or avoided it for exactly the same reason many new people tuned in (to see Britney Spears guesting on the show), here's why you should be watching How I Met Your Mother every Mondays at 8:30 on CBS/E!Canada (I'm talking to you Michelle):

Ted's 2 Minute Date with Stella (Josh Radnor and Sarah Chalke):

The Flash version that plays slightly clearer on a bigger screen is after the jump but comes with a commercial.

I've got 2 minutes to spare, anybody wanna go out?


Manuel B said...

I fell in love with Ted ALL OVER AGAIN.
And Sarah was amazing.

Sigh... I wanna go on a 2 minute day now.

theTVaddict said...

Nice to see a return to the Ted we know and love.

Michelle said...

Very cute. Perhaps I can spare a half-hour on Monday evenings (it's a pretty slow tv night otherwise) to try the show out. Btw, I think André covers the song that's playing in the background.

-RM said...

Always have loved Sarah, love Ted - as he is a reflection of me, and I love Ranjit, greatest cab driver ever! Great 2 minutes!

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