Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How I Met Your Mother - Special Guess Stars

Ten Sessions - Ep 313

My laptop is in for repair so I have no computer access at home and I actually have to work at work today, so I don't have much time so let's cut to the chase.

Britney Spears: Was fine. She was decent and she didn't ruin our beloved How I Met Your Mother. In fact, she made me actually laugh out loud on PURPOSE at the end (just before being seduced by Barney) when she started chasing Ted down the street.

She could have used a better stylist since it seemed like hers stayed in therapy but Britney was decent. She didn't ruin the show and in fact, the show didn't make her a total SPECIAL GUEST STAR that they could have.

However, the real standout was Sarah Chalke. (Alicia Silverstone who?) I mean, we've know she was glorious all along in Roseanne and Scrubs of course (where she will be returning and why this re-occurring role is being cut short into this one episode (for now, that we know), but even as the episode was cute but ho-hum for most of it, mostly riding on the funny-enough-for-a-smile antics during Ted's ten sessions at Dr. Stella's to get the butterfly tattoo lasered off, Sarah shined even more than when she's with J.D.. Have we just met Ted's match?

So in an episode that probably brought the most publicity this terrific show desperately needs, the lack of laugh-out-loud one liners (and the lack of Barneyisms) in the first half worried me, I enjoyed it, but would this hook people in?

But then, Ted had his 2 minute date with Stella and I fell in love with everything about this show all over again, or actually, confirmed my love with this show all over again! And hopefully a few more viewers fell in love with Ted and the gang. (View the clip here)

In the meantime, for longtime viewers, the writers threw us a few more clues.

Is Stella the woman with the yellow umbrella? Maybe.

For one, Stella made a quick mention of going out for the only time on St. Patrick's Day.

Last week, Ted found the yellow umbrella at the club after St. Patrick's Day.

On the other hand, she already has a daughter.

On the other hand, do we actually know the name of Ted's daughter he's retelling the story to? All imdb says of Lyndsay Fonseca's character is "Daughter". As I quote the great M.C. Hammer: "Things that make you go hmm..."


theTVaddict said...

I hope by laptop you mean a macbook :)

Vance said...

Yes, yes I do. my new mac. which already needed fixing... hmm...

(okay I love it other than the fact that i needed it fixed 3 months in)

The CineManiac said...

I thought it was a great episode, mostly because of the 2 minute date scene. That and Marshall calling his lunch 10 weeks out, and Lily's gigantic nails in the end.
But I thought Britney was not good. Her first line fell flat and seemed forced which turned me off instantly, and it took me time to slowly get into her, I did like her running down the street though.

Vance said...

Oh yeah, forgot about the 10 weeks out lunch!

But yeah, that 2 minute date and Sarah Chalke made all the difference for the episode!

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