Wednesday, March 05, 2008

American Idol - He Plays Piano TOO?

Top 16 - Top 8 Boys Performance Night - 80's Night

I love that the backlash has begun already (see the fourth comment). Still, it is true. It is early in the game and I've been wrong before. On the other hand, I was right about Kelly Clarkson, Eva Avila (Canadian Idol), Jacob Hoggard (Canadian Idol 3rd placer with a successful post-Idol career with his band Hedley), and Daughtry (also a Idol loser but Billboard winner). And so even though a lot of the other guys did a lot better this week, my money is still on David Archuleta, because now, not only is he adorable and winning, sings with a smooth low(er than you would expect him to sing) voice, and perfect repartee's that are better than a PR expert could advise, now we know he plays the PIANO too!!!

The only depressing thing? It was 80's night. To David Archuleta, that's an oldie. Considering he wasn't even ALIVE during the 80's. Think about it. He's 17. It's 2008. That's DEPRESSING (see my next post for more about that).

Goodbye Luke Menard. It was nice knowing ya. I actually didn't hate your performance of Wham's "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" but I went from swooning over your face to cringing over some of the vocals (especially at the start and end). Plus, the song choice is just to easy to make a joke about. So I'm sure we probably won't see you past Thursday.

Okay, in a switch from last week, I actually loved David Cook's (above) performance this week, and hated: Chikezie's.

Is Danny Noriega some sort of love child of Tyra Banks?

The stripper did good this week, as David Hernandez (above) belted out some wicked vocals. He could dance on my lap anyday. Hey, if Diablo Cody can win an Oscar, surely David can be allowed to win American Idol.

I didn't mind Jason Castro's performance but I didn't love it as much as the judges. I still want to slap him everytime I see him and tell him to get over the whole surfer beach bum vibe. Good lord, only Jack Johnson is allowed to do that.

Always love Michael Johns but it wasn't my favorite tonight, but still pretty good. Just not that memorable. Considering I've already forgot what he sang as I wrote this sentence.

So it was a good week for the 3 David's. I thought Archuleta, Cook and Hernandez had the best performances this week.

Here's David Archuleta singing "Another Day In Paradise":

Ai7-Top16-David Archuleta
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LinzMcC said...

I'm going to have to agree with you for the most part. David Cook was great last night, and, while I don't enjoy looking at him, I like his sound and he certainly has his own thing going on.

I, too, am a sucker for someone that can play piano while singing, so one MORE point for David A. Let the haters hate. They are just jealous!

However, David Hernandez has kind of gagged me out since the get-go. I always thought he was the type of performer who would pull his jacket down around his elbows and do some cheesy Color Me Badd dance. The stripping thing only makes the cheese factor worse (and pretty much confirms the Color Me Badd thing - he just needs a nice 'stache now)! His good voice can not dig him out of the hole I have got him in now...

Vance said...

I think I'm liking Hernandez more and more because of the sleeze factor. It amuses me that he can do well, but at least his voice can back him up. It's like a vote for the worst thing but at least he isn't the worst singer.

I know. I shouldn't be supporting sleeze but it's just too funny to me!

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