Friday, March 21, 2008

Lost - Just Shoot Me

Meet Kevin Johnson - Ep. 408

I don't have much time to write this because I'm leaving for the Easter long weekend, but Lost was so amazing that it warranted an immediate post, as incomprehensible as it may be (both the post and Lost). And now we have to wait another month before we get new post-strike episodes (starting on April 24 where it moves to 10pm behind Grey's Anatomy)? I know we had to wait 8 months from the last season, but damn, I was loving this year with consistently great episodes week after week. I mean, we got more answers and everything but I still have no idea what's really going on, but damn, it has been entertaining!

And yes, we did get answers to clear up the air. Almost right away too. Ben reveals Michael was his source on the boat. Miles is apparently there to capture Ben, then kill everyone else. Walt and Michael did actually get off the island.

Michael tries to kill himself by a car crash but survives. Sees Libby as a nurse in his mind, then sees Mr. Friendly (Tom), off the island. Michael's off the island, and trying to kill himself, but the island won't let him. Say huh? He later tries to shoot himself but the loaded gun won't go off, and Tom knows it.

He's apparently lost Walt, because Michael told him about murdering Anna and Libby, and he's got some explaining to do to the old lady.

Mr. Friendly confirms that the plane found at the bottom of the Ocean was a phony. Mr. Widmore planned it. Meanwhile, Mr. Friendly can come and go from the island as it seems.

Apparently, Mr. Friendly is there to send Michael back to the freighter as Kevin Johnson, and to kill everyone on board, before they find the island and kill everyone on the island. Following? And it's only half over!

"Kevin" meets Mikowski and Naomi on the freighter, Miles, gets a package with a suitcase full of money crack (oh wait, UPDATE: that's what I was on when I'm writing this, thanks Jennifer, I honestly have no idea what I was writing that night and thought I had fixed this, oops!)/ keypad with some elaborate hoax bomb looking thing that wasn't a bomb but a bad joke, and sees his fellow freighter mates doing target practice with some semi-automatics (or something, Rambo type guns, that's all I know). And then finds out that Ben tricked him onto the boat. It's a war, and innocent people are going to die between Ben and Mr. Widmore.

Creating the new big question, what the hell is the war about? Why is the island so important? What does Widmore want? Why must the show cut off NOW? I know I know, it's only a month before new episodes get going... be patient. You would have thought I'd have learn that after 4 seasons.

Back in current time, Sayid doesn't believe Michael's story and turns him into the Captain (Grant Bowler).

And then there's Danielle with Alex and Karl (Blake Bashoff, currently singing in Spring Awakening) are off on a "Ben" mission before Karl gets killed by darts/something dart-like, and just as you think the girls will escape, Danielle gets hit herself and dies, leaving Alex alone amongst her predators. And then? She GIVES HERSELF UP, offering herself up as Ben's daughter, in order to save herself...


See you in a month suckers...Man I love this show! What a great season it's been having! Let's hope the strike didn't slow down the pace!


Anonymous said...

The "rambo type gun" is a Navy MP5.

Anonymous said...

Michael didn't receive a suitcase full of money. He did receive a bomb, though. Obviously, it didn't go off, but how could you forget the Joker-like pop-up note that said "Not Yet"??

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