Monday, March 17, 2008

The Return of Amy Sherman-Palladino - The Return of Jezebel James - Pilot Review

Pilot - Ep. 101
Frankenstein Baby - Ep. 102

I'll try to expand on this later if I have time (though work is still killing me) but what did people think? (Did people even watch? Since The Return of Jezebel James premiered on Friday, on Fox, I didn't even realize that time slot existed in the universe.

I actually didn't hate it as much as the reviews were warning of. The demise of Amy Sherman-Palladino's return after leaving Gilmore Girls has been greatly exaggerated.

Is it Gilmore Girls? Yes in speech pattern, yes in secondary actors (with Scott Cohen (Max Medina in GG) in the cast, Rose Abdoo (Gypsy in GG) guest starring in the pilot), and no in probably longevity since Fox has already killed the show by burning them off quickly on Friday nights (8-9pm). No in tone. Who decided to add the laugh track? Someone needs to get fired today.

Who doesn't love Parker Posey? But does anybody think that the show might just work a LEEEETLE better with Lauren Graham in the main role here? Or are we just too used to Amy Sherman-Palladino's quick talk speech patterns from Graham?

Still, love Parker Posey. So I'll buy her as Sarah for now (not that there may be a later anyways). Essentially a Lorelai Gilmore in the city. Although it is almost Emily Gilmore in the city back when she was younger. Speaking of which, why hasn't anybody employed Kelly Bishop yet?

Love Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under. Ambrose plays Coco, Sarah's wild child sister who Sarah wants to use as her surrogate. I'm not sure I buy her angsty rage-ish filled persona since it comes off more as spoiled brat thumbing her nose at the privileges she grew up with and doesn't buy her any sympathy, but Sarah is even more annoying, but again, it's Lauren Ambrose, so I'll buy her as Coco for now.

But I really love that they cast theatre actor Michael Arden (Bare: A Pop Opera, Times Are A Changin') as Sarah's assistant Buddy. They only hinted with a line about him wanting Coco to bare his child, but maybe because I've listened to the Bare recordings too much, or that he would be perfect as T.R. Knight's brother, but I assumed his character was gay. Or was that just wishful thinking?

Also love that they cast the boyfriend with Scott Cohen, Max Medina!!!

Anyways, I will admit it took a while for me to get into Gilmore Girls so maybe that's why Im not totally fully enthralled at The Return of Jezebel James but I still enjoyed it, at least a lot of it. Still, what the hell is with the laugh track? I'm going to blame Fox for this one, even if it wasn't their idea (but come ON, it's Fox).

At this point,The Return of Jezebel James will get *** (3 stars out of 5) from me. There's still tons of room for improvement but the initial idea is there, I like the casting (although some tweaks still need to be made in their acting styles) but there's potential. I just somehow feel some idiot producer came in to add some "ideas" and Fox-ified the show.

Remind me not to pitch to Fox. They ruined Rashida Jones already, so let's stop the damage now.

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