Friday, July 17, 2009

Coffee, Tveit and Me

Sorry, I know I've already tweeted this but I just had to repost these promo pictures of Aaron Tveit (Gossip Girl, Next to Normal, Saved), from the new Catch Me If You Can The Musical (which opens next week in a pre-Broadway tryout at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theatre co-starring Norbert Leo Butz, Kerry Butler and Tom Wopat).

You can download the song "Jet Set" from Catch Me If You Can (probably the best song from the early demos I heard from an earlier workshop pre-Tveit) here. The password code is FRIEND. (More video preview clips below)

Aaron Tveit also joins James Franco in the movie Howl. Photo at the bottom of the post.

I actually gasped and drooled a little when I first saw these pictures of Aaron Tveit. Now I'm just drooling. (Angie Schworer joins Aaron Tveit in some of the photos):

Catch Me If You Can preview. "Home":

Catch Me If You Can preview. "Butter and Cream":

Aaron Tveit at Rent's final performance (with Kendra Kasselbaum):

James Franco as Alan Ginsberg and Aaron Tveit as Peter Orlovsky:

Vance at http://tapeworthy.blogspot.com


DuchessKitty said...

As I already tweeted back to you - the man even has the ability to rock the flip-flop with his sexy feet.
And also, I can't think of too many men that can make a mustard yellow leather jacket look good.

I can't wait until August 5! (the day I see CMiYC)

Dame James said...

He's definitely very, very good looking, but I'm not so sure about the flip flops. A nice pair of slip on shoes with no socks would have worked much better.

By the way, who did he play on Gossip Girl? Was it the con man that Serena fell for at the end of the season?

Is it just me or is there like 14 movies with Ginsberg in them right now? Is Howl the gay one? Or is it the one with Jack Kerouac (if that even exists)?

Vance said...

He was Nate's cousin Tripp Vanderbilt. The one that played football at the family retreat.

No idea if Howl is the gay one or not but there's a lot of people in it! Mary Louise Parker! Jon Hamm! Alessandro Nivola! Treat Williams! David Stratairn! Jeff Daniels! Bob Balaban! Wow... now I REALLY need to see this movie!

This should be interesting. Tveit with my favorite stars from fave shows Everwood, Weeds, Mad Men! NICE!

RJ said...

I do believe Tveit is playing Franco's boyfriend.

jeremy said...

That reminds me . . . I should get my tickets now!

jeremy said...

Well, I got my tickets for the final performance.
I was really saddened to hear about the death of Norbert Leo Butz's sister.


Vance said...

Yah, sadly I saw the news on twitter. How horrific. Truly sad and shocking.

Esther said...

Wish I could have seen Aaron in Next to Normal, although Kyle Dean Massey is very good in the role and kind of resembles him.

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