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So You Think You Can Dance - Canada Vs. Independence Day

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 14 Results - The Cut from 14 to 12 - Ep. 513
Judges: Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, Guest Judge: Mia Michaels

Top 14 Group Dance
Style: Broadway
Choreographed by: Tyce DiOrio
Song: "Brand New Day" - The Wiz

Okay, the frame got me excited for a second because I thought maybe Jean Marc Genereux was copying his Top 16 group dance he did for SYTYCD Canada (that I also mentioned last week), but alas it was a Broadway routine by Tyce (groan). Maybe it was just the camerawork, but Tyce didn't make it easy for the camera's either and it was sort of a scattered piece to The Wiz (which I just happened to have seen in New York).

But this week's group performance makes it even more obvious how frustratingly bad the camerawork is in the American version of this show. (Nicely pointed out in an article I mentioned before (via Kirk)

Watch Jean Marc's Top 16 Group VIENNESE WALTZ from So You Think You Can Dance Canada and check out the camerawork. (pictures here). Also, who would have thought a GROUP Viennese Waltz could be so spectacular? Gives me chills again!:

Am I wrong? Or am I being too nationalistic?

Back to the American version:
My Predictions From the Top 14 Performance show:
Bottom Three: Jason and Caitlin, Karla and Vitolio, and ??? Brandon and Janette?
Going Home: Caitlin and Vitolio? Though I doubt it. Caitlin is so loved. Is Karla done?

The Actual Bottom 3 Results Were:

Karla and Vitolio, Kayla and Kupono and Jeanine and Phillip.

Whoa. I mean, I'm surprised and not surprised. People have been turning on Phillip and the Kupono love hasn't seemed to be there from what I keep hearing but still. I mean, things are close since no one is really pulling ahead yet, but ...

That means 2 of my Top 3 groups from last night (Best Couple of the Night: Janette and Brandon's Cha Cha, Second Best Couple of the Night: Kayla and Kupono's Contemporary, Third Best Couple of the Night: Jeanine and Philip's Hip-Hop) are in the bottom 3. And I predicted only Karla and Vitolio correctly.

While I think it's time for Vitolio to go, I really don't think it's Karla's time yet, but sadly, there's no way they're going to kick out Jeanine or Kayla yet.

The "Dance for Your Lives" Solos

Karla Garcia
Song: "Blackbird" - Dionne Farris
Grade: A-

She's kinda like a female Marc Kanemura isn't she? She's more Marc than Kupono is actually. It's either something you like or you don't, but I love the weird twitchiness of it all.

Vitolio Jeune
Song: "Here Comes Goodbye" - Rascal Flatts
Grade: B

It was finally a better solo but I think it's too little too late. Or maybe it's just cause I REALLY like Rascal Flatts. I'm not sure. (Yes, I'm a big city boy secretly hiding a honky inside me).

Kayla Radomski
Song: "Stupid" - Sarah McLachlan
Grade: A-

Okay, I REALLY get her now. It felt impassioned and powerful even if it was just the typical contemporary twists and mime pulls. The judges thought the complete opposite and thought she wasn't dancing from the heart. WHA?

Kupono Aweau
Song: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" - Isreal Kamakawiwoole
Grade: C+

He has a nice presence but I thought technically it wasn't as good as I thought he would be. And there was a lot more posing than anything. Again, he's a lot like Marc but I think Karla out-Marc'd Kupono.

Jeanine Mason
Song: "Moonlight Sonata" - Smart Sleep With Classical
Grade: B

It started well enough but was that a fumble? And then like Vitolio, it seemed like a lot of prep for something big, and then nothing really happened. Apparently it was the judges favorite. WHA?

Phillip Chbeeb
Song: "You'll Find A Way (Switch & Sinden Remix)" - Santigold
Grade: A-

It's weird, I wasn't even big on Phillip last year but I'm still loving him this year. I know some aren't buying it but I'm impressed.

Kelly Clarkson performs. I usually don't mention the performances but it's KELLY CLARKSON!!! LOVE HER!!! She sings "I Do Not Hook Up":

In the end, Karla Garcia is sadly cut. Too early if you asked me but she was had a bigger uphill climb than most other dancers (between pairing chemistry, or styles of dances given). Obviously her contemporary with Jonathan showed that she had it in her, and I liked her odd solo's.

I'm less sad about Vitolio Jeune being cut, since it was kinda obvious by this point. I didn't dislike him but I never found myself loving him and on this show, you need that to survive.

Don't forget, I'll be back later today (Friday), in a separate post this week, with our (new for this season) regular panel for this season, the awesome group of
LowResJoe, ABChau, TwoP Lauren S and myself will discuss this week's performances and results.

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Thanks to Rickey for the photos and videos.

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DuchessKitty said...

Was this the first musical performance on this show that wasn't lip-synched? Love Kelly Clarkson.

Ilan Fleitman said...

I have to disagree with your comment about kayla and jeanine's solo

kayla just did like the same two movements all of her solo

jeanine added a lot of emotion and she performed it with great technique