Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Memories - A Whole New World

Remember when the Oscars were epic?

Man, I just found my favorite clip from the Oscars back in 1993, when Lea Salonga and Brad Kane sang "A Whole New World from Aladdin. Our family drove down to Disney World that Christmas and my sister and I re-played "A Whole New World" non-stop for the ENTIRE TWO DAY DRIVE. I'm surprised my parents didn't murder us on the way in Tennessee. This song just makes me think happy Christmas thoughts. It doesn't have anything do with Christmas but it reminds me of the Disney World trips we used to make. Plus, I rewatched this Oscar clip over and over again back then. So glad someone has posted it digitally! (Tho I swear I probably still have it on VHS somewhere):

What happened to Brad Kane anyways? He was so great in the Broadway revival of She Loves Me, had a great voice and was quite handsome. (Apparently he's a producer on Fringe?! And apparently had a second career as Caleb Kane? Wow... so much I'm learning. I'm gonna have to investigate!

I've also been having nostalgic memories of Miss Saigon. The first stage musical I saw live. I saw it again years later and realized it's not the best musical, but I still really want to see it again now. "I Still Believe" with Lea Salonga and Claire Moore (from the Original London cast):

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Rml said...

Omg, can't believe you posted those videos of Aladdin! Those are great! I remember leaving the cinema in 93 thinking that was the most beautiful song I'd ever heard (I was 8, hadn't heard a lot of songs, but still...). I got the VHS for Christmas that year, such a thrill! I bought a couple of years ago the special edition of Aladdin in dvd, and couldn't stop watching the Whole New World Recording Session! I think I wouldn't be able to listen to Brad Kane again without thinking of a flying carpet...

Linz McC said...

Somehow I had never heard that live Oscars version of the song. It was so good live! I also didn't know that was Lea Salonga that sang the part of Jasmine. Where have I been?