Sunday, June 20, 2010

Screening Dads

While DameJames has already done a good job rounding up hot daddies, I'm gonna wish everyone a Happy Father's Day with the best current TV dads! Now to be honest, anybody can really become a dad. That's not hard (actually, that's how it started. Badabing! ) but becoming a GOOD dad is difficult. So here's to the television fathers that are worth being role models!:

And for four years running, Friday Night Lights' Coach Eric Taylor is hands down the best dad on TV. And maybe one of the best on TV ever. Not only is he a great father to his family, but he's a great father to the town of Dillon.

New fathers to TV, Modern Family's Cam and Mitchell are my picks for best TV comedy dads! Their love and devotion (if sometimes slightly neurotic) to the always adorable and newly adopted Lily is heartwarming.

Even if they sometimes lose her in a jungle.

Actually, all the modern dads, Cam, Mitch, Jay and Phil are pretty great. Jay and Phil are still figuring it out, but at least they're trying!

Best Guest TV dad is definitely Burt Hummel for his turnaround into the pro-gay defending dad that he became on Glee.

And while he may not actually be the best dad, we still love Cougar Town's Bobb-ay!

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