Tuesday, November 28, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - Fruity Drinks

Single Stamina

Who would have thought they could come close to topping the hilarity of Robin Sparkles (though I doubt anything this year will actually top that video, including Michael's Lazy Scranton video)?

Now Barney's brother James shows up and is a actually a gay black man played by Wayne Brady (usually annoying, on this show, actually funny) with a mother who has a voice of Karen Walker/Megan Mullaly! Not only that, James and Barney are exactly alike (except the gay thing). Or so Barney thinks until the gang figures out that James is in a ... wait for it... monogamous relationship and wants to get married! Then inadvertently out spills the best gay marriage defence out of Barney's mouth as he tries to talk James out of marriage (he's against the marriage part, not the gay part).

We also get the gang going to a gay club and Marshall enjoying his fruity drinks without shame (You go Marshall!)

Barney is finally convinced when he learns James and his partner Tom are adopting a baby, and then we finally see a softer side of Barney (which somehow, is even more hilarious). They skip ahead one year to the marriage where we find out Robin is dancing with Ted and Lily and Marshall are already married. Man, this show sure writes itself into a corner a lot and yet still survives twisting the obvious into total hilarity.


Linz McC said...

magee99I thought this episode was absolutely hilarious and that Wayne Brady was great. The rapport between the two was so amusing. It was funny in a different way than the brilliance of Robin Sparkles.

I agree with what you said about what they showed in the "One Year Later" portion. It seemed strange they would show us so much of what would have happened.

vance said...

Totally hilarious in a total different way. I agree. Plus the fact that they could go from hilarity to such a heartwarming moment when Barney hears of baby shows how versatile this show really is! Still, I guess we still don't meet the mother for another year? (Or at least they won't be dating yet, of course, it just showed Ted and Robin dancing, it doesn't actually reveal if they are still dating or not.

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