Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Introducing Judy Greer, Again - Miss Guided - Pilot Review

Pilot - Ep. 101
Regular time slot Thursdays 8, 8:30pm ABC

Again, like The Return of Jezebel James, reviews were harsh, but I didn't hate Miss Guided. In fact, I kinda liked it. Is it must-see-tv? Not yet, but we must remember, most shows don't start off with that status and needs to earn it. That being said, I'm not sure if this show will even get a chance to earn it, given it's been another show saved for mid-season replacement with little fanfare.

And again I loved it because I love the lead, in this case, Judy Greer. JUDY GREER! She of always second banana roles who finally gets a starring role. A starring role my co-worker doesn't think she can carry but whatever, it's the same co-worker that got lazy and stopped blogging with me here so she has no say anymore. JUDY GREER!!! 13 Going on 30! Love Monkey! Arrested Development! The Village (um, I actually liked it).

Judy Greer plays Becky, a high school guidance counselor who probably could use some guidance herself. Get it? Get the pun filled title? I'm a simple guy so I actually like it. No sarcasm there. The show comes from Caroline Williams, who also wrote The Office episode Phylis' Wedding so while the pilot is full of clichés and stereotypes, I still enjoyed it all (then again, I love high school stereotyped filled shows/movies and I forgive them usually).

Plus, it's a North Shore reunion with Kristoffer Polaha and Brooke Burns!!! But where's Jay Kenneth Johnson when you need him? Or Shannen Doherty for that matter?

Well, at least Miss Guided gets guest star/producer Ashton Kutcher next episode (this Thursday I believe).

I have to say, I still don't know if I LOVE Brooke Burns or am just scared of her and pretend to like her for fear of being ostracized by the pretty cool girl but it's all very high school... so thus she's perfect as a new teacher in a high school who brings back the bad memories for guidance counselor Becky and her ostracized high school existence.

However, I always liked Kristoffer Polaha, even with the spelling of his name, so he's kinda perfect as the object of both the geeky girl and cool girl's affections, and he's likable enough to see why.

Another bonus is having SNL's Chris Parnell as the Vice-Principal hanging around and while I'm not sure what happened to Jonathan Sadowski (She's the Man, Chuck, Sarah Connor Chronicles) who was supposed to be in the series (oh, wait, apparently he's in upcoming episodes but not a regular like I thought he was?), the supporting cast is sort of a hodge podge that I kind of like. From comedian Parnell to soapy drama beauty queen Burns and attempted-leading man Polaha, it makes for an intriguing if not caricatured mix.

I will say I did not laugh as much as I hoped, and by that last shot of Becky's car getting hit by the drivers ed student, it got a bit too painful to continually watch Becky in humiliating/bad luck circumstances which just seemed to cross over that line of humiliating funny (Extras, The Office US) to humiliating awkward (The Office UK, The Comeback?) especially for a show that is set up with a sunnier lighter tone.

At this point, I'll leave Miss Guided at a neutral *** (3 stars out of 5) but like Judy Greer's previous show Love Monkey, I think there are the bones to become a better show, but like Love Monkey, it might not get the chance to.

The cast of Miss Guided (continues after the jump):

Judy Greer as Becky Freeley

Chris Parnell as Vice Principal Bruce Terry

Kristoffer Polaha as Tim O'Malley

Brooke Burns as Lisa Germain

Earl Billings as Principal Huffy

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