Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gilmore Girls - The Long Morrow

Not that crazy man David S. Rosenthal was given an easy task taking over the quick-witted dialogue of Gilmore Girls to begin with, but in the aftermath of Aprilgate, he was already working with plotlines that seemed extremely out of character for the past half season left by Amy Sherman-Palladino, the ultimate creator and voice of the Gilmore Girls. Luckily for Amy, with respect to the first 5 wonderful seasons, we gave Aprilgate a chance because maybe she just had something up her sleeve and the final result was going to be something wonderful, but man, did she tax our forgiveness a lot, but then, as we begin Season 7, she leaves us and along that any hopes for a decent resolution.

I'm wondering how much Amy has told David about what her plans for the characters were or if it is now all up to Rosenthal?

Last nights season premiere felt like every other Gilmore Girls but of course was tinged with sadness and heartbreak after Lorelai broke up with Luke and slept with Christopher. Logan was in London leaving Rory for the summer, and along that, a rocket ship gift.

I have to admit, maybe I was really tired but I got annoyed by the banter from Babette and even more annoyed with Taylor (yes, I know his whole character is supposed to be annoying) even though I usually love those two for the exact same reasons. I did however laugh and then gasp when Kirk demonstrated the new Red-Light Camera Taylor installed but got blinded by the 3 flashes and then crashing into Luke's Diner (which then seemed to spur him to return to Lorelai to ask her to elope, before she revealed her previous night's rendevous, causing Luke to storm away in his truck).

I know bad things, or not perfect things need to happen in dramas to create a STORY but we love Gilmore Girls for its coziness (in a dose of spicyness and not schlock) but while they've been trying to extend the stories for dramatic effect, it's starting to lose all of our patience as our hopes to see the happy Gilmore Girls are dashed farther and farther away. Still a great show but not at its height at this point, but I've followed the characters this long that I want to stick it out and see what happens.


Liz said...

I missed it last night 'cause I had to work late, but I'm honestly not really that sorry. I kind of wish I had stopped watching before last season, actually. Seeing the Lorelei I love slowly killed and replaced with an obnoxious doormat was so sad! It may be better this season, but I think I'd rather just remember the good times...

vance said...

I know. I think I'm sometimes too loyal. I've been told I'm too nice and am a doormat myself sometimes. I still watch ER for goodness sakes...

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