Friday, September 29, 2006

Grey's Anatomy - Complications of the Heart

Since all of Canada saw this last week, I'm not sure what more I can discuss or tell, but if you did miss it, basically Callie saves Meredith from embarrassment when Bailey goes off on the undies posted in the hospital causing George to get jealous. Meredith is still undecided between McVet and McDreamy and decides to date both. Christina is caught by Burkes parents while she does a striptease for him at the hospital, and is subsequently told by Diahann Carroll as Burke's mom that she is selfish and the relationship won't work. Alex Karev defends Izzie to Bailey and helps out a lung cancer patient by "playing doctor", and McDreamy goes to apologize to Addison for the breakup of their marriage only to be surprised by the most disgusting scene ever.


Anonymous said...

Grey's Anatomy sucks.
And so do the both of you.
Ha Ha. Touch my monkey.

vance said...

I've been trying to touch your monkey since freshman year you quack. and now they're letting you in as a doctor? scary...

vance said...


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