Friday, September 22, 2006

Grey’s Anatomy – Time Has Come Today

(repeats tonight on ABC at 8pm and on CTV as yet announced time)

Before I get started, let me just say that while I think this show is fantastic and has done melodrama proud, I found the post-Superbowl episodes lacking a certain something. I can buy Meredith as annoying and unlikable during her time of confusion, I can buy George with Callie, and I can buy Izzie’s love for Denny. I’m not really sure I buy both McVet and McDreamy fighting for Meredith but more on that in a sec. Plus, I LOVE Jeffery Dean Morgan as much as everyone else does but the Denny dying thing seemed a bit stretched out after a while as they tried to milk that drama baby dry. It thus only ranked 5th last year in my best series of the season list despite it being what seems like the watercooler show of the year.

Now we are welcomed back to Grey’s Anatomy now in Season 3. We ended off with Denny dying and Burke getting shot! Can you feel the excitement and happiness yet? Of course, thankfully because I usually hate it when they jump ahead in time… (though let’s hope Desperate Housewives will jump ahead in quality as well when it does that Sunday night), the premiere continues where we left of favorite residents of Seattle Grace dealing with all that dramatic aftermath. Izzie’s left completely shaken and laying on the floor of the bathroom trying to deal with the loss of Denny, Meredith still confused over her love triangle, Addison finding Meredith’s panties in the trailer, George still unable to return the profession of love to Callie, Adele Webber wants her husband Dr. Richard Webber back into her life and not at the hospital. Sadly, it was an episode we probably needed yet it was kinda of an unfun episode since we had to deal with all the hardships and misery left behind by the cliffhangers from last season before we could get back to the fun stuff we so love from Grey’s Anatomy. Still, kudos from trying to deal with the darkness with a bit of humour and some poignant moments (Bailey saying sorry to Denny’s deceased body and Christina asking Burke not to die).

On the other hand, what was the storyline about a possible Plague possibility that entrapped George and McDreamy in the staff lockerroom and left guest star Steve Harris locked in a room with Bailey trying to help? What was that all about? A better side story was when an abandoned baby was found outside a school, and it was up to Karev and Addison to figure out which of the four 14 year-old girls was the mother, allowing Karev to eventually spout out to Addison that things can suck, be you deal and survive and live on. When did Karev become the philosopher king? Cause I like it.

Flashbacks show scenes of the night the first year interns meet at the introductory party (and apparently, if you re-watch the first episode, puzzle pieces will link up according to Shonda Rhimes).

In the end, Izzie got up in time for the next episode (which apparently all of Canada except me saw. Though rumours was that it was actually SUPPOSED to be the first episode as still indicated on TV.com).

Oh yeah. And Grey’s beat CSI last night in the first nights head to head battle. There’s hope yet!

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