Tuesday, September 26, 2006

How I Met Your Mother - The Scorpion and The Toad

The drama behind Lily and Marshall has been great at milking the emotions out of this comedy and also diverting our attention from Ted and Robin during their cutesy dating phase which could have been nauseating, but instead leave us just enough laughs (5 AMERICAN Dollars bet, Robins drunken morning state) that we still adore them (and their impending doom). I also loved seeing Lily put on a show for Ted and Robin upon her return from SF (cause that's what people from San Francisco call it) with her brave face, only to lose Robin $5USD when she broke down revealing she had the worst summer ever sans Marshall.

Meanwhile, Barney is showing Marshall the ropes to dating again, but snatching up every girl for himself in the end, sometimes using a bit of magic.

All of this worth it to bring Lily back to Marshall, only to have Marshall reject being back together with Lily, but not before having Lily help Marshall out pretending to be twins who were given an STD by Barney as Barney steals away a pair of twins from Marshall. Silly, a comical cliché but still damn funny!

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