Tuesday, September 19, 2006

How I Met Your Mother – Where We Were

Last time we saw our new friends, Robin and Ted had finally gotten together, while Lily and Marshall were broken apart. Meanwhile, Barney, was… well, just Le…gendary I guess. We continue the 2nd season straight from that point, following what happened over the summer as Robin and Ted get nauseatingly cute as Marshall wallows in sorrow. Luckily, we don’t get enough of Robin and Ted getting nauseatingly cute except when harassing Barney to lead him to his faked deaths and is nicely counterpointed by the details of the days of Marshall and his misery which helps us speed over the summer during the normally finally-got-together-romance-showkiller period.

Meanwhile, strippers, baseball and shooting don’t really get Marshall out of the funk as he daydreams Lily hooking up with the king of funk, Mr. George Clinton (you have to see it to understand). Ted learns that Robin is a gun enthusiast, and Barney, is… well, just Le…gendary! Finally, after more than 2 months have passed by since Lily’s departure to find herself, Marshall wakes up normal again and ready to be Marshall, just as Lily is seen in the background, not yet ready to rejoin her friends.

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Liz said...

Caught this one for the first time last night, after hearing so many good things, and I'm really happy I did. I don't think it'll be as funny as it could be until I get to know the characters better, but that George Clinton scene was awesome.

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