Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Let's Discuss

Since I taped Boston Legal cause I'm trying to be good about bedtime (plus I'm getting old), and watched Dancing with the Stars instead of House (I'm not sure why since this season isn't as much fun as the last on DWTS), I have nothing really to discuss about last night.

However, HOW did I miss that City TV is now showing Battlestar Galactica on Mondays at 8pm on the main station and not just on SpaceChannel(though I still need to start from the very beginning and just do a marathon to catch up).

Even worse? How did I miss Showcase showing Footballers Wives on Saturdays at 5pm? GASP! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME? Talk about bitchfest, punchouts, gratuitous makeout sessions, black voodoo magic, dirty blackmailing, gay hustlers, sweaty men in fight clubs, and oh yeah, some soccer too. That was just in the 40 mins. that I saw too! HOW HAVE I MISSED THAT???

Okay, not much to say about Dancing with the Stars except, does Shanna Moakler seem like mini-Cathy Moriarty to anybody or is it just me?

I don't know why but I think this is really really sweet (not in a candy makes your ass fat kinda way either. pun intended).

This is also fabulous! This not so much.

and thanks to Dan (check his blog for SYTYCD tour updates) for this link of photos from the tour! only 10 more days for me!!!

I've been trying to withold reading or posting anything about Veronica Mars just so I don't spoil season 3 for myself, but to all those out there who still haven't caught this AMAZING show, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? I've now lent Season 1 to the fifth person to have started watching it and then finish the SEASON in 3 days because they just couldn't stop, and Season 2 is just as addicting.

Yes. I'm annoying when I'm hawking stuff at you people but I'm also always right.

Meanwhile, Company, High Fidelity, Grey Gardens, Evil Dead The Musical are all on sale! and A Chorus Line is now back on Broadway! I've kinda gone Broadway crazy again this week as I'm trying to figure out if I can squeeze out another trip to NY before the end of the season/year. If only I didn't have this damn work to go to everyday?! (Okay, I do enjoy my job and I do work for something I have discussed on this site, but still... come on... I NEED to see a Broadway musical again cause I believe people should just burst out singing at any moment in their lives!).


duckyxdale said...

Vance you know I love ya and thank you for the linkback. I can't wait to read your recap of the tour!

Now, let's talk Footballers Wives for a second. Tanya Turner is the best thing EVER! I absolove FW$ and can't wait for the next season because FW$:Overtime is killing me it's so dull.

And as for Battlestar... you really have a channel in Canada called SPACECHANNEL? Sci-Fi was just too much?

vance said...

Yup! Space! The Imagination Station as they call it. http://www.spacecast.com/ Owned by the same people that started Much Music (with their streetside studio then stolen by MTV and GMA). As for Tanya Turner. NOW I know what everyone is talking about! FABULOUS!!!

duckyxdale said...

Well yeah, she's amazing! Ruthless with pristine nails.

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