Friday, September 22, 2006

The Office - A Gay Ole' Time

Gay Witch Hunt

OMG. Jim actually took the transfer. OMG. Pam didn't go through with the wedding and is now eating frozened dinners from the wedding that they were left to pay for.

Jim's new office has someone just as bad as Dwight/Michael in Ed Helms, while Ryan is no office husband for Pam. Toby warns Michael of his homophobic slurs are offending Oscar, and then Michael in turns inadvertently outs Oscar, tries to fix it with another office meeing where things get horrible to the point or the most awkward uncomfortable kiss since Katie kissed Tom.

All in all? Hilarity to perfection! Glad season 3 is getting of to a gay ole' time! And was Kelly not the most enthusiastic (and hilarious) supporter of the mo's.

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