Thursday, September 14, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Survivor: Cook Islands

It's time to get racist people and support the tribe of your choice while taunting the others. Seriously, Russell Peters called it out. We have now scared the whites so much in being called out as racists, meanwhile, everyone else goes on their merry own racists way (especially the asians, we will call out anybody and usually in front of your FACE! (As the goddess Margaret Cho would say)). Plus, as the puppets on Avenue Q sang it best, "Everyone's a Little Bit Racist".

Okay. Seriously, I'm not sure what the big deal is about the MOST CONTROVERSIAL SURVIVOR EVER other than it allows for more PR. In the past, there have sometimes been tendencies to pull together unions that were of similar races, and to be honest, sometimes it's just natural that we automatically connect with someone we feel is similar. Whether they are similar or not is another deal and thats when the fun begins when you discover that you probably can't stand the person and the only thing relating you to the other is the fact that you both have similar type skin.

I'm probably being optimistic but I'll give Mark Burnett the benefit of the doubt that this was the reaction he was hoping for and not an all out battle (we have enough of that in the real world). As like the NAACP, I'll pretend that I'm above it all and reserve the right to judgement until after the first episode of Survivor: Cook Islands at 8pm tonight on CBS/Global. Anyways, it might be the only full episode I watch since Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy and comic duo of The Office and My Name is Earl will be starting soon and I just cannot wait!

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