Thursday, September 21, 2006

Premieres Tonight - Thur. Sep. 21

So, let the battle begin. Will CSI or Grey's Anatomy win in its first head to head battle (of new eps).

I think CSI will win but Grey's will do surprisingly well (and will gain over the course of time) and well, everyone's been talking about how they can't wait for the new season.

Either way, it will be a busy night. Premieres tonight:

My Name is Earl in its second season - NBC 8pm

The Office in its third season and I guess by default is my favorite show on television right now (in current production) since Everwood is now officially cancelled (and yes, I'm still not forgiving The CW for that). Still, this is the best comedy on TV and don't let my bitterness and sadness of Everwood lessen how amazing The Office has become. - NBC 8:30pm

Grey's Anatomy in its third season - CTV 8pm/ ABC 9pm (with a recap show at 8pm to remind everyone of where we are now).

CSI in its whatever season and guest starring John Mayer and the cast of Cirque de Soleil's KA. - CBS/CTV 9pm

ER in its whatever season with new cast member Uncle Jesse. er... John Stamos. - NBC/CTV 10pm

Six Degrees pilot from JJ Abrams and an indie movie star cast on ABC at 10pm. Sadly it's getting mixed reviews, some love it, some hate it but it's not the slam dunks JJ Abrams have had previously but I still love the cast that includes Hope Davis (About Schmidt), Campbell Scott (Roger Dodger), Jay Hernandez (Hostel) and Erika Christensen (Traffic).

Shark with James Woods as House without the labcoat and a lot of litigations on CBS/Global at 10pm.

And the big winner? CTV for having BOTH CSI and Grey's Anatomy (and will add to that The OC, another 9pm slotter in the states). At least they stopped hording everything and is letting Veronica Mars and Scrubs play simulcast on another network.


Anonymous said...

I am really excited about the premiere tonight! I posted a trail on it on trailfire.com and would love your thoughts - here is the link - http://www.trailfire.com/seattlecitygirl/trails/12162


vance said...

oh cool! thats a long trailer!

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