Friday, September 22, 2006

Six Degrees - Missing Links


I'm going to give this show a few more weeks before I officially decide and make a review of it because after the pilot, I'm left feeling a missed a few links. Which might have been intentional since the show is about random people connecting in different ways through different people.

None of the stories of the 6 leads really drew me in, but luckily, they had (yet another) fantastic cast (are you tired of me saying that yet for Studio 60, Smith and now this? Sorry but I'm sure it's going to be said a few more times when Brothers and Sisters, Heroes, The Nine and Ugly Betty begin) . Jay Hernandez (below) is EXTREMELY charming and likeable as a lead, though I'm a little iffy about Erika Christensen playing the girl with the mysterious past (and box). LOVE LOVE Hope Davis and Campbell Scott both doing the SAME TV show, but at this point, Campbell Scott's Steven has only photographed Hope's character in her moment of despair from a chance moment on the street.

Unlike Dalton Ross though, I DO buy the whole concept of Six Degrees. I do love watching/thinking/dreaming about the possibilities of who you might be meeting, the notion of chance encounters, whom is connected to whom etc etc, and I've always wanted a show explore that, so I'm going to give this show a chance since realistically speaking, it WOULD take a while to build credible but separate stories that will eventually intertwine. I mean, it's really like exploring the back story of a guest star on a show when they pop into a show. I always felt sometimes its too much of stunt casting or conveniently plopping a character in when it is needed, but what about THAT character and everything that would lead to them entering this world and what happens after they leave?

Or maybe between loving Six Degrees of Separation (based on the play who originated this theory), and loving JJ Abrams, I'm partially seduced by this show despite yesterday's pilot. Still, the same team also produced What About Brian (though an Everwood lead writer is apparently taking over! Thank god for that!).

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