Monday, September 25, 2006

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - The Cold Open

So Matt (Matthew Perry) and Danny (Bradley Whitford) have now taken over Studio 60, it's announced formally on the Monday morning, with Danny blowing the press conference by telling everybody the truth. They took the job cause he was blowing crack. Nicely done!

So 5 days left before they are to create a re-invigorated Studio 60 and Matt discovers the writers are a bunch of 30 year olds living the teenagers dream. Harry/Harriett (Sarah Paulson) discovers that Matt has something going on the side with another actress. Jordan (do all the girls have to have boys names?) stands by Matt and Danny against Jack (Steven Weber) and the suits as they lose affiliates due to a Christian magazines denouncement of the show for standing by the sketch "Crazy Christians" (which Matt supposedly wrote 4 years ago and Wes only chose to do it then?).

Again, I love television and I'm in the biz, but will anybody else really care about the creating of a show? Still, I think Matthew Perry is perfect in his role and doing a great job of obliterating Chandler (which is no small feat). Now that someone else (can't remember who) noted that Bradley Whitford is still really just Josh Lyman, all I can see is Josh Lyman. Amanda Peet as Jordan is actually quite good in this and I'm forgetting that it's Amanda Peet. Meanwhile, I continue my love for Sarah Paulson although I don't really buy her jealousy of Matt (though maybe it's because shes not so much into him as she realises hes still into her).

In the end, Matt and company are able to figure out a great opening to their first return episode of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and they close on the opening musical spoof sequence that was actually pretty great and funny and would have actually probably made a big impact if Studio 60 were for real.

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