Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Summer Reality Finals Week - Big Brother 7: All Stars, Rock Star: Supernova, Canadian Idol

So the final of Big Brother 7: All Stars was pretty much 56 minutes of terrific, if not horrific revealings, with the show taking no holds bar and showing the backstabbing directly to the offended and watching the honest reactions of Janelle, Erika, James before they could readjust to put on their PR face, and then the two minute let down when Boogie won All Stars. I mean, Mike Boogie, the overgrown Vanilla Ice wannabe (not even the real thing. just a Wannabe) is the Big Brother All Star winner? The early evictees had it right. Erika and Boogie weren't deserving to be the final 2, Janelle and Will did, but alas, that's the problem with this game. Sometimes we are left with two losers in the winners seats (see last years Yvette or Maggie).

Canadian Idol. Well, at least ONE of the two are deserving to be in the finals. We have Eva Avila in one corner, the one I noted from the very start to win this thing (or at least deserving to win this thing), and Craig, possibly the most annoying contestant since William Hung. Who will win it Sunday (with another appearance by Nelly Furtado? and how did they get Tony Bennett and Cyndi Lauper earlier this season?)? Please, if you're going to give me Boogie, at least give me Eva on this one.

Over on Rock Star: Supernova, I've been enjoying Jason Newsted's comments, but I'm getting mighty tired of Dilana. She may have peaked too early and her attitude stayed (despite her meltdown and then apology). Toby is still my fav as a person and he is enjoyable to watch but his singing is still decent if lackluster in a Nickelback kinda way. It would be cool to have another Torontonian win this thing two years in a row, but Lukas is good but I can only take so much. That leaves Magni who slowly won me over and seems the most professional and ready to take on the lead role. Who will win? If rumours are true, Lukas, personally, I really have no idea and not really sure I would care whichever way it went.

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