Monday, September 11, 2006

TIFF - Party Time: CFC BBQ

So I was totally kidding about the VIP invites the other day when alas, I managed to snag myself onto the VIP list somehow to the invite only Canadian Film Centre BBQ hosted by Norman Jewison (Moonstruck, The Hurricane). Of course, now knowing how many people I bumped into at the BBQ, I don't feel so VIP anymore, but whatever, I got in, had my free drinks, ate my free food, drank my free Fiji Water, and left.

Basically an assortment of people like me that somehow managed to get in and I don't know why, and a few minor Canadian celebrities (and when I say minor, considering how major our major celebrities are, minor is REALLY minor). I literally bumped into Zac Efron (who I was planning to stalk anyways on the Hairspray set) and Elijah Kelly, but by the time I clued into who it was, it was too late to grab that photo as they were long gone in the crowd.

Here's a few pics of the place, one of the Ashmore's (Shawn or Aaron? hmm... I think it WAS Iceman. DAMNIT) and the charming dude from Touch of Pink and who also played Wayne Gretzky in that recent TV movie.

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