Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What's more amusing?

Okay, don't bother reading anything I wrote in my last post for Jericho.

So what's more amusing? Dancing with the Stars Results Show? The over-dramatized SHOCKER when Mario, Joey Lawrence and Willa Ford performed routines that SHOCK! Broke the rules!?? Cause GODMANIT the rules in a dancing competition with C-list stars holds the integrity of the competition. With recaps that were more serious about the Scan-Daaaal than anything incriminating the Bush administration. Seeing the amazing but very very gay and campy Scissor Sisters performing (albeit a little toned down) on one of the most demographically diverse shows on television (read: people in Middle America are watching). Watching Paso Doble dancers performing to that chant used in the Stella Artois (or some red beer) commercial? Or how seriously all these "celebrities" take this competition as if there career depended on it? Oh yeah, it probably does actually. Or that Ashley is bawling as soons as we find out Harry Hamlin is the next to go (and how funny is it that I'm actually quite shocked and saddened that Mr. Aaron Echolls is gone?), and then forced to dance after even noting that its must be awkward. HILARIOUS!


on Jericho, which, in the aftermath of some sort of mushroom cloud devastation, Eric (Kenneth Mitchell, who just for having a Landscape Architect degree from the U of Guelph outside Toronto, will buy him a few more points) has enough time to give the most serious impassioned speach about how radiation will cook you from the inside, and then follow that by making out with the bar owner as the 2 hourish countdown to the impending radiation is coming? Is it the two girls, one whose mom probably just died, calmly shopping and gabbing in the grocery store like they have in a mall every other day of their lives? Plus what's up with the mysterious black guy (and the ONLY black guy in town) who shows up just as all this devastation has just happened (and using of course, the only pins around,that happenned to all be RED to pinpoint all the cities that have been devastated).

I'm not sure which show is more amusing?

Too bad because I kinda liked the pilot for Jericho but the inconsistencies in the second episode has pretty much blown it (pun intended). Too bad because Erik Knudsen (hmm... also from Toronto) as Dale, the kid that found the answering message of his mom dying in Atlanta was pretty interesting and I'm always kinda fond of Pamela Reed, if only for doing her time with Ah-nold in Kindergarden Cop (so brilliantly underated!). But don't have Skeet and the school teacher flirt as they are racing toward the fallout shelter. Don't have the silly love triangle of Eric, his wife and barchick play out with time ticking to a rain of radiation.

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