Thursday, May 03, 2007

American Idol - Last Man Standing

Where Have All The Boys Gone? Results Top 6 Down to 4

Well, I was right and Phil (so long bald eagle! It's time to fly away) and Chris Richardson were booted out last night. Which leaves the three divas and the last remaining boy Blake.

Oh well, I guess it was expected. We are left with a pretty good final four though, since other than LaKisha (who I think is still in danger next week), it is still a hard call between Jordin, Melinda and Blake it should make an interesting finale. Though personally I'm leaning fully towards Blake Lewis now after this weeks performance over Melinda Doolittle.


Anonymous said...


How dare you attack my Lakisha - she rocks - how could you imply she is in danger. The boys were booted, and will continue to be, because they aren't as good as the girls.

And which girl was it that got a kiss, on the lips, with Simon. Again, how dare you.

I think I am a little oversensitive on this issue because Lakisha and I are dating. But whatever the case I stand by my woman. hehehe

Take care,


vance said...

it's just my prediction man! she's been the one in danger the most of the final four now. She hasn't rocked it for many weeks until this week, even though we know she has the potential too, meanwhile, the rest of the 3 upped their game. I wish her well, but I don't think she will last till after next week!


LinzMcC said...

Sorry Shane, I am with Vance on this one. Tough to say with this top 4, but I think Blake has ooched his way up and will be (fingers crossed) in final 2. I would like to see Blake & Jordin in the top 2. Not that I don't love Melinda, but I think the other two are better for selling to the AI audience. We'll see.

vance said...

True, if Jordin were in top 2 as well, I wouldn't mind. She probably will sell for sure. I dont know what people are talking about this as one of the worst idols because I think its the BEST Final fours EVER. Usually there is either a clear front runner by now, or no one I want at ALL. This year, 3 could take it easily.

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