Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol - Love Triangle

Top 4 Results, And Now We Have 3

Kay, first, I KNOW why Blake was so off last night. Cause CAKE was no longer. Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson were apart from being their "BFF" since Chris and Phil would have had to move out of the mansion last week. Uh huh... all that heartache and he couldn't concentrate on the Bee Gee songs. Yeah. That must be it. (Also, did Chris take Blake's sense of style? Last night it was that ugly half cut Argyle sweater, tonight, one of those fake tuxedo T-shirts? If he had been gaying up his song performances, this sure straightened all that out.)

That or as great and classic as the Bee Gee songs were, they still belonged in the 70's and early 80's. I mean for goodness sake. I still remember them when my mom played them as I was playing with Fisher Price toys.

So, it's the results show. It's 59 minutes of filler (that even Ryan admitted) until we finally get the results... so we wait... (check facebook, check my bank account, claim some more air mile points that I needed to double check were credited, email out about Friday night plans, notice that newmindspace is having another one of their famous pillowfights in Toronto this Saturday May 12th at Nathan Phillips Square at 3pm, check facebook again, Oh, New Friend!... check out The Ex commercial which looks like a really bad movie but with Jason Bateman and Zach Braff so gawd, hot. What a cast for a bad looking movie!)


Sorry Kiki... you could have been a contender, but somewhere you got too serious wanting to win this and lost the fun for us watching you.

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Anonymous said...

Blake seems really full of himself. Granted he takes risks, but his voice is just so-so.

Pet peeve: He only sings from one side of his mouth. And (not his fault but) he has no lips.

Jordin all the way baby!

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