Monday, May 07, 2007

Brothers & Sisters - Food(fight) and W(h)ine

Bad News
Grapes of Wrath

I like Patricia Wettig. I like that she's from thirtysomething. I like that she was on Alias. I like that she was the evil president (or was it vice?) on Prison Break. But I've thought Holly was sometimes a bit of a stretch and that they really kept forcing her into the story... well... because she's married to producer Ken Olin. But man on man, keeping her around all season with that tedious Walker will storyline was all worth it for the big showdown between Holly and Nora. I even bought her laughter and crying breakdown after cakes, spaghetti, a bowl of peas and other food assortments were thrown between Nora and Holly after Holly snags a kiss from Nora's date/non-date Prof (the ever creepy and slimy Peter Coyote, where did Treat Williams go?).

Kitty's engagment offer to Jack McCalister waivers and she gets drunk/ self-roofied at Tommy and Holly's Walkers Landing Vineyards grand unveiling. Kevin finds out, tells everyone else (of course, because secrets do not remain secret within the Walker family). Everyone is giving Joe the cold shoulder after everyone finds out that he DID in fact kiss Rebecca (though again, nice and shockingly as we predicted, it wasn't really a one way street when we saw in the previous episode that Rebecca wasn't the innocent victim that she made herself out to be. EVIL! Love it! Thank goodness they got Emily Vancamp to play the confused and angered bastard Walker child because the memories of Amy Abbott are about the only thing remaining that keeps me from throttling her). Sarah is confused and overwhelmed at Joe's revelation so she bakes a cake (which is later used in aformentioned cat/food fight to brilliant effect). Julia goes into labour early when her water breaks at 29 weeks (which, must show how tired I am still because I'm STILL trying to calculate how many months that is and my brain was hurting last night when she said that) at, OF COURSE, the winery when the whole family is already gathered together.

Boy, Ally McBeal, er, I mean Calista Flockhart actually plays a convincing drunk. Then again, I think this show must train them all quite well, since, doesn't that happen in EVERY episode? (Not that I'm complaining or anything). Justin is too cute defending the family against Joe and trying to be protective of Sarah (and Rebecca).

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