Monday, May 21, 2007

Brothers & Sisters - Go Jump In The Pool!

Matriarchy - Season Finale

What did we learn from the 1st Season Finale?

As much as the Walkers like to drink, the McCalisters are an even bigger set of drunks. Well, they are Republican aren't they?

Saul has a past and it's with Michael Nouri (The OC). Kay, this gaying of Uncle Saul is a little weird, especially after the whole dating Holly thing (or was it a beard, or at least the excuse they use now?).

Put two gays together and even though they despise each other, the hotness eminating from the room will still make them liplock, or as Kevin said, suck face, as Kevin and Jason McCalister do that after inadvertently being paired up as party planners because, well, they're gay (what party do you say? Well, it's an episode of Brothers & Sisters, so there's GOT to be a dinner party or large function of some sort but I'll get to that in a moment). This seems like an interesting piece of information for me. I've got to try it more often (the sucking face, not the party planning). But now that Eric Winters' new pilot Viva Laughlin (the singing dancing murder mystery on CBS produced by Hugh Jackman! Oh yeah! I'm there!), what are they going to do with that character? Oh yeah. It's a non-procedural on CBS. It won't last past October and Eric Winters will be free again. Did I mention Jason is a minister? Yeah, Kitty didn't know either and of course, Kevin is shocked.

Rebecca knows she's naughty, revealing to Justin that a former older man she dated (a teacher of hers), killed himself essentially over the affair they were having and the wife finding out. Twice! Amy Emily Vancamp Abbott what have you done?

Justin is called early back to service and trying not to ruin the party, sneaks away telling only Rebecca. Well, he can't drink anyways so why not just leave the party? Makes sense doesn't it?

So, the party. Nora throws Kitty and Jack an engagement party, Kitty tells Nora that she's moving out, Rebecca and Holly are invited, Sarah slowly comes to terms with that, and that of her shaken marriage, Julia and Tommy seem half forgotten considering they just lost one of their child, and Gary Marshall is crazy in an annoying way but I'll forgive him because he directed Pretty Woman and that buys you a lot of forgiveness, still.

Oh, plus in an effort to show the McCalisters that they know how to party, all the Walkers (plus Jack) jump into the pool. Just as Gordon Korman had directed. It also book ends the first season back to where daddy Walker died. How fun! Kind of a weird sendoff for the summer, taking the dramatic moments down a notch for some absurd partying (again, Gary Marshall, related to Penny, must be the genes) leaving Justin at the airport with Nora and Kitty running after him in some kinda weird ending of an 80's movie moment. I expected deeper. Then again, this show went for food fight a few weeks back so who am I really kidding?

Oh, also, we learn that Kevin really really likes Wicked. I don't know if I can respect Kevin anymore. That musical sucked.

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