Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gilmore Girls - The Goodbye Girls

Bon Voyage - Series Finale

So it's really over isn't it? Was it satisfying? Yes, more than I thought it would be. Did it resolve things a bit too fast? Yes. Could we still have used a bit more Emily and Paris? Yes. Am I happy that it is over though now and wrapped things up in a nice bookend to the pilot? Yes.

After 7 seasons, we leave the wonderful quirky little world of Stars Hollow and all its' inhabitants. From Miss Patty to Gypsy, Taylor to Kirk, Mrs. Kim to Michel, it was a fun time and I'll miss you all.

Rory meets her hero Christiane Amanpour (and easily gets her business card after some weirdo exchange... man, is it really that easy? Why am I toiling away here at work then. I should be stalking my hero's. Greg Berlanti? Where are you?). Rory finally lands a job covering Barack Obama's campaign, leaving no time for the town to throw the re-enactment graduation ceremony. Still, Luke decides to throw a surprise party for her with the town's help, and everybody goes into covert operation mode for Rory's sendoff, and if it wasn't for the fact that it's the series finale, I would be screaming, it's only a JOB, she will be back, but since it acts as a veiled going away party for EVERYONE, I'm a little sad. It was a nice way to gather all the townsfolk into one space. Plus, as the show ends, its a perfect departing point as we see Rory leave the Stars Hollow nest onto her first real job.

Emily and Richard Gilmore are proud as can be but a little sad at Rory's departure, but Lorelai promises to continue Friday night Dinner as we see a composed but secretly delighted Emily realise that she won't in fact lose Lorelai once again, now with Rory's departure taking away their one forced bond. It was another nice bookend to the entire series beginning when the Friday night dinners started in the first place (so that Rory could attend Chilton with Richard and Emily's money). Oh how I will miss Kelly Bishop as Emily Gilmore.

Lorelai then finds out that the entire party (with tarps included for the rain warning from Babette's ankles (somehow it makes sense in the show, a testament to the kookiness of the show that we all fell in love with and somehow accepted and believed)) was planned by Luke and they complete their fulfilling kiss that we basically have waited 7 years for.

We end the series with Rory and Lorelai waking up early, about to leave on Rory's adventure, drinking coffee at Luke's diner. End Scene.

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