Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Going Evil - Evil Dead: The Musical That Is

Evil Dead: The Musical - Diesel Playhouse, Toronto, ON

Alright Torontonians, time to get bloody again and go see Evil Dead: The Musical, our little Fringe Fest (that already brought Broadway The Drowsy Chaperone) darling show that could, after its return from New York (with a positive review from the NY Times!!!). I went to see last nights show, and again, was wildly entertained and splattered with (fake stage (I hope)) blood in the Splatter Zone.

The Toronto cast was top notch with Ryan Ward returning once again as Ash, and Matt Olmstead back from the ORIGINAL Original Fringe show as Scott, and (slightly) less annoying (which is the perfect way it should be) Cheryl played by Rachel Fischer and a terrific Sarah Cornell as Shelly and Annie. Mike "Nug" Narhgang makes an impressive Jake as well.

There were still some sound problems and mic levels kinda went all over the place but the energy of the show was there and people pretty much get the point when blood is squirting all over the place.

It opens officially tonight so chainsaw a leg! (in keeping with the spirit of the show). Good job Bond!

UPDATE: The Toronto Star's Richard Ouzounian gave the show 4 stars!!!!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love evilness.

Nug said...

Thanks for the post! Come out again as we tighten things up and get bigger, badder, and bloodier.

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