Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Appreciating What We Have From Hard Lessons Learned

Didn't We Almost Have It All - Season 3 Finale

We did have it all, but last year we didn't realise that that was the best Grey's Anatomy was going to be.

I finally had the chance (and will) to watch the Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Finale last night, and thank goodness it was a decent ending for a season that just kept dropping in quality. Except, it still just emphasized how great some of the actors were, and how bad some of the plots have gotten since it just made me more angry that characters like Izzie were no longer relatable and the ones we usually champion, like Bailey or Alex, didn't even have much positives to support. Sandra Oh's breakdown at the end as she suffocated in her wedding dress and necklace was fantastic, and George's exam failure only brought back how great T.R. Knight is as an everyman, but I still dislike the Callie vs. Izzie thing. I'm so tired of Meredith and/not Derek thing even though Meredith has finally been somewhat more likable again lately (ironically as everyone else on the show isn't). Still, wouldn't Lexi Grey choose not to intern at the hospital where her mother just died? That was a nice little addition though (and Chyler Leigh! Showkiller!?) and might help us move Grey's Anatomy back in the right direction next year. Let's hope, since Addison isn't coming back, and looks like either George and/or Burke won't be either, or so say the rumours.


Liz said...

Yeah, wow. Talk about a shoe that went downhill at the speed of light... And I'm not optimistic about next season, either, considering the original shows tend to suffer when their creator splits his or her focus with a new show (see: Alias/Lost).

vance said...

I'm hopeful but that's cause Im a hopeless romantic that thinks things can always get better again. I know. Im stupid that way.

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