Thursday, May 10, 2007

Grey's Anatomy - Countdown To The End

Testing 1-2-3

Just as I was finally empathizing with Meredith after last weeks slap, she goes and cusses out the Chief for acting like her father and my heart goes back to zero for her. So I don't really care that she doesn't write anything on the big test for the interns and leaves the exam blank.

Waverly! A pregnant girl from Oregon is in town and Joe and his boyfriend Walter want Addison to look her over since they are in contention to adopt the kid. Wait. Isn't this Dan Savage's life? (One of my favorite books EVER BTW). This of course points out the obvious for baby hungry Addison (and the obvious for us, that she will be leaving for a Private Practice).

Isn't it kinda weird that George is leaving Seattle Grace (for Mercy West) due to personal reasons, when we know T.R. Knight is considering leaving Grey's Anatomy for personal reasons (basically that the show did nothing to combat Isaiah's homophobic statement) but they write it in the show as IZZIE as the problem (when in real life, they are best of friends)?

Seriously, I'm confused to where the show stops and where the backstage drama begins? Izzie pushes George away by telling him she has no feelings for him. WHERE IS THE BEST BUDDIES GEORGE AND IZZIE? The brother and sister vibe? THAT'S WHAT I WANT BACK.

Oh, and Jane Doe was faking the memory loss the whole time. Then again, I would too if Alex were my doctor. Adele is pregnant somehow. Man, they are just rubbing it into Addison aren't they (making her want to run away)?

Okay, I'm so much more psyched for Traveler to start even though we know it's basically dead in the water (with only 8 episodes committed from ABC, then again, we complain that shows don't have a shorter tighter end date like British shows so maybe this can be a good thing? Again, see Grey's Anatomy Season 3 as an example of when things go bad as things keep going on and on and on...)

Oh! Though I didn't see THAT ending coming. Particularly with the pick axe in the mountain climbers head, after the other 3 "buddies" had been saying he died after being stuck on the side of a cold mountain the whole time. Plus Adele is found collapsed, and Waverly/pregnant woman returns to the bar (where Addison is with the other boys having Burke's bachelor party) only to collapse.

and just when I think I'm about to get out... THEY PULL ME BACK IN... Damnit...

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Anonymous said...

You left out the best part where a girl asks to buy Derek a drink (because she had a bad day and so it's okay to be forward). Anyhoo, I think that girl is Meredith's other sister. Because they are both suppose to be doctors right and the bad day could be because she went to her mother's funeral. If that's true, it would totally be scandalous and days-of-our lives like.

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