Monday, May 28, 2007

Heroes - Not Lost

Chapter 23 : How To Stop An Exploding Man

I forgot to comment last week about this but I finally saw this a few days after it aired, and did it suck as much as everyone said it did? Yeah, kinda. Worse, it didn't suck in a memorable way, it sucked in that, nothing really happened, nothing was really answered, nothing was really wrapped up, and it was all kinda... gasp... boring and forgettable. I seriously barely remember what happened now already.

Worse, Lost wrapped 2 days later with their blow-my-mind-out-of-this-island finale, which YES, I finally felt vinidicated after defeninding Lost all season, while I nitpicked away at Hereos flaws (fun, fast paced, yet leaves little room for character development, little room to care for anyone other than the Bennetts and Hiro and Ando, little room for deeper dialogue). I had to laugh thinking back to Tim Kring saying that Heroes was NOT Lost (in his defence against the then losing show) but as a blogger commentator (somewhere, can't remember where I read it now) put it, he should be so lucky. Seems like Lost wasn't, while Heroes was.

I liked the last minute ending with Hiro in Japan in the 1600's but overall, there were too many plotholes in the ending that unravelled the season's weaknesses that it left me cold. I knew there would be a backlash in Heroes season 2 but who would have thought it would have begun in the finale for Season 1?

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